Greater Productivity

Field tests with Suntech®, in the rotation of pastures, demonstrated once again, the full potential of the product. There was an emphasis on the increase in plant vigor, root increase, increase in chlorophyll (SPAD index), increase in protein content and increase in oil content. The rancher used Suntech® in zoury and massai grass, intended for dairy cows, in 20 paddocks rotated with 980m2 each. The result achieved: … “the cows were being placed only in the morning, but as there was leftover grass they are spending the day”. Another positive point reported: … “where 30 cows were grazing 54 and there is still a surplus”.

Many farmers / ranchers are left behind with regard to the use of foliar fertilizers, due to an infinity of types and unexpected returns. Suntech® is a new technology, out of its time, that came to change everything that is thought about Foliar Fertilization. In addition to being environmentally friendly. Suntech® affects the physiology of the plant, giving it more vigor, increased dry mass, increased root, increased resistance to water deficits with a consequent increase in protein and oil content, providing a richer diet and a consequent increase in fat mass and muscular to the herd.

In tests carried out at the University of Viçosa, there was an increase of 1% in the protein content and 2.38% in the oil content. It is clear that all procedures for the best development of grasses as replacement of soil nutrients must be respected, as well as the mineral supplementation to be made (which represents 1% of the average annual total of food eaten by cattle), a supplement that must be done by the fact that pastures cannot fully meet the mineral requirements of livestock. With the use of Suntech®, supplementation, especially when this supplementation adds protein mineral salt or energy mineral protein salt must be continued.

We believe that the vigor of pasture and the increase in protein and oils in grasses, provided by Suntech®, can represent a daily weight gain for pure Nellore cattle, without supplementation. Considering that a garrote is born with approximately 24 kg and that until slaughter (2 years) it will be approximately 315 kg, discarding the birth weight (24 kg), we will have an increase in mass of cattle of 398.63 g / day until slaughter. With Suntech®, we believe that the mass gain reaches 412.10g / day, which would make it possible at the time of slaughter an animal with 324.83 Kg, that is, 9.83Kg more per animal provided by the use of Suntech® in the pasture.

It is clear that this protocol will depend on the group of animals. In a batch of 100 animals, we know that 20 are stronger, 70 are normal and 10 will be weaker. In a group of 50 animals, 10 will be stronger, 35 will be normal and 5 will be weaker. In a group of 20 animals, 2 will be stronger, 14 will be normal and 2 will be weaker. In determining the size of the group for studies, we would separate a group to be studied with Suntech®, making this group consume only the pasture with treatment, preventing this group from consuming the normal pasture, while the others would graze in conventional. It is clear that if supplementation is made to the control group, supplementation should also be made to the group that consumed the pasture treated with Suntech®. You can even make a comparison of another group only with Suntech®, without supplementation (which we know correspond to 10% of the cost).


  1. Dilute with water;
  2. Spray evenly on leaves;
  3. It should be used within 4 hours after dilution. If you do not use the mixture in the time, shake again, promoting the homogenization of the syrup for the reuse of the solution;
  4. It should not be sprayed at the same time with herbicides. If Herbicide has been applied, wait 48 hours to applySuntech®;
  5. It is possible to use with other agrochemicals, provided thatSuntech® is diluted to Spray Mix first;
  6. If you have used agrochemicals before, useSuntech® after 24h;
  7. Avoid use in periods of wind, excessive dew and rain;
  8. Spray Mix (diluted in water for application) with alkaline pH should not be used;
  9. Shake the packaging and Spray Mix well before use.

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Limitations of use:

Phenological Phases for Application

The first application was in phase 3 – Graduated Children and the second in phase7 – second visible node (Check if the application was made in these phases)

Caution: The product should be shaken before and after mixing. After homogenized use within the period of 4h.