Greater Productivity

Field testing with Suntech® on soybean has demonstrated the full potential of the product. The increase in plant vigor, root growth, increase in Chlorophyll (SPAD index), increase of flowering, increase in number and size of grains and pods, dry mass of grains and pods and promote greater tolerance to water stress “.


  1. Dilute with water;
  2. Spray evenly on leaves;
  3. It should be used within 4 hours after dilution. If you do not use the mixture in the time, shake again, promoting the homogenization of the syrup for the reuse of the solution;
  4. It should not be sprayed at the same time with herbicides. If Herbicide has been applied, wait 48 hours to applySuntech®;
  5. It is possible to use with other agrochemicals, provided thatSuntech® is diluted to Spray Mix first;
  6. If you have used agrochemicals before, useSuntech® after 24h;
  7. Avoid use in periods of wind, excessive dew and rain;
  8. Spray Mix (diluted in water for application) with alkaline pH should not be used;
  9. Shake the packaging and Spray Mix well before use.

Security instructions:



Limitations of use:

Phenological Phases for Application:

Mechanical / Air Spraying: should be applied in Stage V2 (1st Trifolium) and Stage R1 (Early Flowering).

Manual Spraying: should be applied in Phase V2 (1st Trifolium) and Phase R1 (Beginning of Flowering).

Caution: The product should be shaken before and after mixing. After homogenized use within the period of 4h.